photo courtesy of  jane sun

photo courtesy of jane sun

pulses. is what you get when you take five dudes with wildly different musical backgrounds and stick them together to play the things that they have in common. throughout all the previous iterations of the band, one thing pushes through: they're here to have a good time. pulses. sets out to be an outlet for them as musicians as well as listeners; they're making the music that they want to hear, then sharing it with the internet since they think you'd want to hear it too.

jan 2015 - battle of the bands: caleb, david, kevin
jun 2015 - battle of the bands ii: enter danny
feb 2016 - function ep
jul 2016 - ƒ(x) ep
aug 2016 - noblefest: met matt
oct 2016 - opened for kurt travis
apr 2017 - what’s good (what’s really good) single
jun 2017 - opened for strawberry girls
jul 2017 - bouquet. album
aug 2017 - opened for eidola
aug 2017 - artist of the year, harmony awards
feb 2018 - first md show
aug 2018 - matt joined
oct 2018 - played new jersey
nov 2018 - opened for kurt travis
jan 2019 - ended season one