Woodland Creatures Tour - Kevin's Final Thoughts

We just finished up the Woodland Creatures tour with our friends in the band With Sails Ahead and I have been absolutely overflowing with emotions from the journey. Prior to this, we had played DC a few times, Maryland once and even New Jersey with the WSA crew, so it was very fitting to explore three new states with them over the course of a week or so. One of the most impactful things I noticed as soon as I arrived home after the final date was how much can happen over the course of 7 days, how much bonding can occur in such a short time. I can safely say that the With Sails Ahead crew (Kris Khunachak, their tour photographer, included) have become some of my favorite musicians and friends. Each day watching them play was an experience in adoration for their craft and abilities, each day playing with them in the crowd a testament to their support and each moment getting dinner and chilling on the off day a set of moments of growth in a world that is growing increasingly cold. Their warmth is an asset that was and is essential to our success. 

pulses. started as a little project about 4 years ago in which our whole goal was just to make some tunes and have some fun trying out a thing we thought we were decent at. Over that time we grew together and made a little name in a niche genre. Being allowed the opportunity to play music so far away from home is an absolute blessing and I will never take it for granted. Unfortunately, we needed to play this tour as a four piece but we made the absolute best of the handicap. Matt took on and demolished the role of a frontman just like I knew he would. He is a multi-instrumentalist of great caliber and proves it time and time again. I was elated to hear all the support thrown his way over the course of the tour. Both him and Caleb are so great at their crafts, it’s an honor to play alongside them and watch them continue to grow.

Behind the scenes and off the stage, the pulses. crew was internally and externally supported by great people. David our bassist is always one to step up and handle business and his coordination skills are a great asset to the functional aspects of touring, the man really can pack a van just as well as he can slap notes while moshing. Taylor was crucial to the morale of the tour as well as general organization and kept everything inline and moving forward plus getting people fixed up with some new merch. Lastly our great friend Tyler Adlam provided so much positivity through his words and incredible photo/video talents, complete with an amazing work ethic. Couldn’t have asked for a better road crew.

Like I mentioned before, With Sails Ahead was an essential component to our success and I am extremely grateful for their presence, their personalities and their love. Leading up to the actual tour itself, Sierra was an absolute joy to work with and plan and her manager skills are inspiring. On the tour itself, she was super energetic and provided so many laughs as well as providing awesome performances. Santino and Josef are such talented guitarists and their back and forth on stage was such a treat night after night. Off stage, I always enjoyed our conversations and their individual quirks. Jaime is such a wholesome soul and that soul is apparent in his bass licks. Ryan is an A1 drummer and playing gigs with him really makes me want to work on my chops so I can get on his level someday. Every member of the band is just as fabulous at their respective instrument as they are as a person. Of course, I can’t forget about Kris, the absolute king behind the lens capturing amazing moments in perfect frame. A stand up human who kneels for some of the best shots I’ve ever seen. With Sails Ahead deserves the absolute best in life and I am proud and elated to call them best friends. I will never forget the time shared and hope to create many more memories in the future.

I don’t really like to talk about myself very much but I feel like I have to share everything or else I’ll keel over with emotion. Prior to tour, my job had been washing me out, I was hard pressed to feel proud of anything I was doing, grasping at any little thing to create happiness and pulses. was really the main thing keeping me going. This tour has not only revitalized my faith in music but my faith in myself as a person. I truly am understanding the age old quip about music saving lives or faith in humanity being restored. Everyone involved in this tour has brightened my life, this week has given me a new outlook on how I want to carry myself. I felt a part of a bigger thing, I feel a part of a family. I would do anything for these people. I wholeheartedly wish the best for everyone and will be cheerleading every step they make. I can earnestly say that I’m going to get some sleep again.

To me, the Woodland Creatures tour lasted 8 days but the Woodland Creatures are forever. I know that we will once again band together and tear up the streets of any city we desire. I’m looking forward to those days and until then, I plan to keep our friendship flame alive by talking to them as often as I can. This tour was just the start of something beautiful. 🦊🦉 

Kevin Taylor