hello world.

pulses. is what you get when you take five dudes with wildly different musical backgrounds and stick them together to play the things that they have in common. throughout all the previous iterations of the band, one thing pushes through: they're here to have a good time. pulses. sets out to be an outlet for them as musicians as well as listeners; they're making the music that they want to hear, then sharing it with the internet since they think you'd want to hear it too. 

who we've been.

pulses. started out as a last ditch effort for caleb to make something cool out of his high school life by playing its iteration of the battle of the bands. david and kevin were recruited after danny and another musician couldn't help round out the rhythm section. after the success of the first show (not an official win, but a moral one), the three decided to take it to the school in the spring. with danny rounding out the lineup the second time, the four were able to make more of a case for themselves even if the man decided to keep them down again. through the outpouring of positivity, pulses. was officially born.

shortly thereafter, the function ep was recorded in the taylor basement. months later, the remaster called ƒ(x) was released with the addition of a new track. to support the release, the band played any show they could get their hands on across northern virginia/dc, playing venues such as the tree house lounge, the vfw in falls church and velvet lounge.

after 25+ shows and 7 months of writing, the band released their debut full length record bouquet., 12 songs comprising of 2 re-records from ƒ(x) and 10 new jams. the wind was put under their sails as many niche corners of the internet latched on to the vibe. pulses. hopes to continue making a name for themselves by playing shows, making music videos and keeping the music flowing.

accolades & articles

award - harmony awards presented by pinch harmonics [2017]

winner - best overall artist
nominated - best metal artist

article - itdjents, what's the sound of... july?! [2017]

article - aspire presents, locals you should know: dmv music released in july [2017]

article - the prelude press, music that doesn't suck: pulses. [2017]

playlist - new fury media, tnf presents: (post) hardcore still lives [2017]

article - overblown, 9 New Post Hardcore Bands That Will Rattle Your Cage [2017]

article - rumored nights press, artist spotlight: pulses. [2017]




pulses. is

matt burridge - guitar
david crane - bass
danny loza - vocals
caleb taylor - vocals, guitar
kevin taylor - drums

est. 2015

hometown: dumfries, va